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patient checkup to avoid heart bypass

Avoid Bypass Biochemically

Without Bypass or Angioplasty

patient checkup to avoid heart bypass

Heart Blood Flow Mapping

Early detection of heart disease.

patient checkup to avoid heart bypass

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What is Artery Clearance Therapy (ACT)?

ACT is non-operative treatment of angina chest pain to increase blood flow to the heart to avoid bypass and to treat post bypass angina pain with Chelation Therapy along with Lifestyle management, antioxidants and nutrients.

Why chose Chelation Therapy?

Because Chelation Therapy has been proven to increase blood flow throughout the body. ACT not only works towards clearing the main arteries, but also improves blood-flow to smaller capillaries. No other therapy or arterial treatment does this.

CT has been reported to relieve angina pain, forestall heart attacks, improve blood cholesterol ratios, lower blood fats, reduce blood pressure, heal ulcers caused by poor circulation, and strokes.

CT reverses atherosclerosis and can prevent heart attacks in many patients.

CT is about 90% successful i.e. 90 out of 100 patients treated with ACT improve. Results vary from patient to patient depending on the disease process. CT is recognized by the National Health Services in England. It is practiced by about 1500 clinics in America and also by many in England, France, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, etc.

How ACT is Done ?

ACT prevents and reverses heart disease. It includes EDTA chelation therapy which is safe, comfortable intravenous drip medication as recommended by American College for Advancement in Medicine. In ACT medicines are given in intravenous drip each lasting 2½ to 3 hours. Usually 20 to 30 drips are given two or three times a week in 6 to 15 weeks. Patients can also have two drips on consecutive days every week.


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Avoid Bypass Surgery
Avoid Bypass Surgery
No.1 Most Experienced since 1994
No.1 Most  Experienced since 1994
  • I had pain in both knees joints since 4 years with deformity and walked with the aid of walking stick and required pain killer drugs almost daily.
    Mrs.Sheela Devi
  • I had pain in both knees joints since 4 years with deformity.
    Mrs.Sheela Devi